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Grout Release (SP-2439)




Grout Release (SP-2439)


Grout Release is actually a hidden membrane that divorces the grout or mortar from the face of the tile or brick.  Grout Release enables the ease of removal of grout and cement scum from low density and open textured tile and brick, glazed and unglazed hard composition tile.

Grout Release Benefits:

·        Can be used as insurance with a pre-seal for the very porous tile

·        Helps eliminate the risk of stain when using a dark grout on light

·        Will eliminate cracking and crazing on glazed tiles

·        Will form a stronger bond between grout joints and tile by way of osmosis

·        Insures a cleaner job

·        Works while you are away

·        Lowers cost of operation

·        Installation and cleaning without drudgery

·        Covers 600 square feet per gallon


1.         Install tile or brick.

2.         Apply a heavy coat of Grout Release using brush applicator or paint roller (use a criss-cross pattern on very porous tile).

3.         Allow to dry for 30 minutes.

4.         Grout as normal.

5.         Remove Grout Release and excess grout and mortar from tile surface, within 24 hours.

Removal Process:

1.         Use tap water, a short bristle brush, and a large sponge.

2.         Using brush, apply water and agitate to re-emulsify and bring the Grout Release back to a liquid stage.

3.         Wipe clean with a damp sponge. 


WARNING:  Apply Grout Release after tile has been installed, but before grouting.  Proper application is as important as using the right material.  It is important to note that if Grout & Mortar Release is not removed within 24 hours it will have the opposite effect on grout and tile, thereby making it harder to remove mortar and cement scum.

Grout Release is not abrasive or harmful to skin or tile.

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